Codematic free tools

Those nice people at Codematic make a (fairly random it has to be said!) bunch of tools available for free download here.

I havent tried very hard to keep track of downloads until recently. And here is the graph:

There are a few things that strike me as vaguely interesting

  1. zip versions are preferred to exe ones
  2. Obviously the worksheet unprotector would be most popular, no surprises there
  3. the next most popular type seems to involve managing complexity.

Quicknav is a simple toolbar drop down that lists worksheets and names so you can go straight to them. Colourmap creates a coloured map (funny old thing) of the data types of cells in a sheet. XLAnalyst is also in that understanding/working with complex workbooks category too I guess.

I suppose the categories aren’t particularly broad in fact.

Anyway, there you have it – what people are downloading from Codematic.




4 Responses to “Codematic free tools”

  1. Stephen Bullen Says:

    I’ve been counting since ’98, now totally just over 1.5m downloads in just over 10 years:

  2. Simon Says:

    Thanks Stephen that’s an interesting list

  3. tykebhoy Says:

    On 1, maybe zip files are perceived as safer from (no way to put this totally diplomatically) not entirely trusted/known sources. Exe’s certainly throw more wobblies on email and other protection programmes than zips. That could be why my latest major spam is zips alledgedly from UPS (saying they couldn’t deliver my parcel), airlines (with my “e-ticket”) and colleges (with my fees invoice, accommodation arranged separately). Its definitely changed my perception on zips but is that more to do with no longer “needing” an unzipper since Office 10?

  4. Simon Says:

    tykebhoy given the choice I’d always go for the zip for exactly the security reasons you mention. Yeah I see a lot of the UPS virospam.

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