Android strategy

Whats your Android strategy?

  1. just finishing beta testing on the emulator
  2. hmm wait and see
  3. pur-lease I have an iphone
  4. An – who?

Ars are suggesting T-Mobile are suggesting the G1 will be the biggest thing since the last biggest thing.

Rory has an excellent post about possibly targeting the iphone for an app compared to Windows mobile.

I don’t think any decision would be exclusive, probably more like dev priorities – target the biggest market first. (Or target the smallest first so those last few errors are not so embarrassing?)

I’ll be waiting to see to what extent it lives up to the hype I think. Although my Crackberry contract is coming to an end, the operator having bled me dry. So I will be in the market for a new whatever they are called (phone? smart phone? handset?) in the near future. They are due out in October at some point so we shouldn’t have long to wait.

Have you any plans in this area?




2 Responses to “Android strategy”

  1. Gavin Bowman Says:

    Since I’m working on the iPhone right now, I might be a little biased, but… mobile software seems to be generally viable if the user base is big enough, if you can afford to access that user base, and if the user base is willing to pay for things they want.

    From the point of view of a developer trying to build a sustainable business, being on the shiniest and newest shiny new thing is less of an issue. Once the dust from the initial gold rush settles, the iPhone should still have all the hallmarks of a viable mobile market.

    To anyone looking at it from the “I’ll put out the best fart gag app and then retire to my own private island” perspective, the metrics for analyzing the landscape are different. I don’t think it’ll do most iPhone software developers a great deal of harm if some of the shiny new thing light moves on to something else. In fact, it’ll get much easier to figure out development budgets, schedules, and pricing as the platform matures.

    I’m not sure what kind of market will spring up around Android, until that becomes clear, I’m content to keep an eye on it from a distance.

  2. Ross Says:

    The new (sybina) Nokia N96 and the google phone where both reviwed on the gagit show web ed this week. There are good and bad point about both, much as you would expect. The guy made a really good point though. Google have come up with a 1/2 decent mob os, in what a year? MS have been banging out windows mob for nearly 10 years, and it still sucks. I have a HTC thingy, with windows 6 and I am always gutted with the way windos works!
    Having said all that I thing the mobile market is a good place to be which ever OS your gunning for. I’d wait a bit for google though, see how it goes!

    The phone its self is a bit ugly, and so other its the marketing and shinnyness of these things that are key, so if they dont get it quite right, it could be over before it begins!

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