Google envy

As one investor branded Microsoft recent activities.

Glad its not just me. I’d love to see them focus on what has put them where they are now – decent desktop software. Operating systems and servers and productivity applications. Boring, possibly declining, but still worth focus (which may even reverse that perceived decline).

What do you think?




11 Responses to “Google envy”

  1. tykebhoy Says:

    Maybe M$ are attempting to diversify too late. Google too built its reputation on one product but diversified much quicker in relative terms. Having been outsmarted in many of the “peripherals” maybe M$ should be concentrating, at least in the short term, in what its good at but even then the jury is still out given “what they are good at” has given us the ribbon.

  2. Simon Says:

    Hmm fair point, so thats ‘good at’ in a relative way
    What are they best at UI or search?

  3. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “decent desktop software. Operating systems and servers and productivity applications.”

    Yep – BORING !! But I could write a book on reasons why they should be pushing just that. I hope somebody at MS gets this and soon…. or ir’ll be too late to turn the ship around.


  4. nhebb Says:

    “Google […] diversified much quicker in relative terms.”

    I wouldn’t say that Google is diversified. 99% of their revenue comes from advertising. They have branched into a number of ventures, but none of them bring in significant profits – unless you count internet money, that is:

  5. Simon Says:

    Good point Nick, I’d missed that
    Google is an on-line ad broker who wants to be in the software business
    MS is a software developer who wants to be in the ad brokering business.

  6. Bob Phillips Says:

    And guess who is most vulnerable in a downturn!

  7. Simon Says:

    Anyone squandering resources vainly attempting to convert a weakness into a strength, whilst neglecting their strengths?

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    No, I think anyone hevily dependent on advertising whilst corporates draw in their belts.

  9. tykebhoy Says:

    The vehicles for that advertising is where Google diversified very quickly. Yes they are just still a platform for advertising but multi platform.

    I’m with Bob, MS if they are trying to get into advertisement brokering are getting into one of the fields that will shrink the most in times of downturn and the R word. Staff development is something else that the Corporates will cut down on too. Don’t think they will cut back on their own hospitality/junkets/expenses though

  10. Bob Phillips Says:

    Even AIG didn’t cut back on the junkets after they had gone bust!

  11. Simon Says:

    Google disagrees:

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