High return rate on Linux netbooks

Saw this on /. the other day.

Basically saying MSI reckon those sub notebooks running Linux get returned at 4 time the rate of the Windows ones.

Big debate about whether that’s because Windows is better, customers didn’t realise, choice of Linux distro, quality of implementation etc etc.

I have got to say I am well happy with mine. But lack of mainstream distro is putting me off buying another. That and the fact you have to massively dismantle an Acer Aspire one (next acquisition target) to get more RAM in, and it has a 1Gb max.

Anyone got one and took it back? why?



4 Responses to “High return rate on Linux netbooks”

  1. Doug Glancy Says:

    Simon, you’ve mentioned the choice of Linux a couple of times. I’m not familiar with these notebooks, but isn’t it possible to just reload with Ubuntu or whatever you want?

  2. Simon Says:

    Doug – sort of, but its not just a ‘just’
    From what I have read it can be a real PITA and some parts may not work right after.
    I don’t currently have the time or inclination for this kind of ball ache, but its probably a good way to learn whats going on underneath.
    maybe when I have a bit more time…

  3. Doug Glancy Says:

    Simon, I see what you mean,. That’s a long list.

    I recently figured out how to get my wireless printer working in Hardy Heron, and have googled my way through a couple of other hardware issues with it, but it is time-consuming. I’ve also noticed that because Ubuntu is changing all the time, it’s tricky to find current solutions.

  4. Simon Says:

    For completeness Asus have pointed out their return rates are similar across OSes so maybe rumours of MSIs crap implementation are true.

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