Visitor OSes

Here are the Operating systems stats for codematic for Sept 08:

Windows 88.40%
Windows XP 70.70%
Windows NT 0.30%
Windows Me 0.10%
Windows Vista 10.10%
Windows 98 0.40%
Windows 95 0.10%
Windows 2003 1.90%
Windows 2000 4.30%
Windows 3.xx 0.20%
Linux 2.70%
Ubuntu 0.00%
Suse 0.00%
Fedora 0.00%
Debian 0.00%
GNU Linux (Unknown or unspecified distribution) 2.50%
Macintosh 1.60%
Mac OS X 1.50%
Mac OS 0.00%
Others 7.10%
Unknown 7.10%

The best bit is obviously that 0.2% of visitors using Windows 3.something – class!

Also of note – there are more non Windows visitors that Vista visitors. Interesting on a site that only contains Excel for Windows content. Although I assume some of that stuff works to some extent on Macs. And maybe on Linux with CrossOver Office (maybe not looking at the Codeweavers site)?

Actually thinking back to that Win 3.xx person(s?) I bet a lot of stuff would work ok on Excel 5.0, (if it weren’t saved in 97 format .xls files that is). Such has been the backwards compatibility ethos.

In summary XP:Vista:other win:other non MS = 70:10:10:10

Are your stats a similar breakdown?




2 Responses to “Visitor OSes”

  1. Simon Says:

    Blimey, in October there are visitors using CP/M!
    Thats got to be some joker messing with their headers right?

  2. jonpeltier Says:

    Minor point: Don’t assume “Unknown” means non-Windows. Some web data platforms allow you to see what comprises the Unknown categories. Mostly they are unknown, but it also includes Windows and Mac variations that may have some kind of extra string tacked onto the OS designation. I usually ignore Unknown, though I get half as many or less than you.

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