iPhone NDA

El Reg has a pretty succinct piece on the iphone dev world here.

I’m seriously considering getting a G1 when they come out (unless they get completely slated in the reviews).

I have a couple of phone app ideas, and I reckon Android is the lower risk way to dip a toe in the phone app business. And I can later use my success (or failure) to justify the nice shiny new MacBook I’m after to port the app(s) to the iPhone. Oh and I’ll need an iPhone so I’ll have to give the G1 to one of the kids. Or maybe I’ll keep it if its better.

Oh, and the app is not a spreadsheet, although I see the one for the iPhone seems to have created a minor buzz. And is for sale at the premium price of 8 USD (thats a big premium in a market where most stuff is 1 dollar)



7 Responses to “iPhone NDA”

  1. Ross Says:

    I have had 3 windows base PDA phones, doing anyhing other than satnav on them is a waste of time. (not games, texting etc) Mobile internet? rubbish!
    Who uses thier phone to do SS work???
    Having said that, I cant wait for google to prove me wrong!

  2. Simon Says:

    about twice in 3 years I have found google maps on my bb well handy.

    about once I needed to look at a spreadsheet – it hurt.

  3. Ross Says:

    I’m looking forward to your mob app Simon, hopefully it will stream live porn in to my reviwe meetings or somthing like that! :-)))

  4. Simon Says:

    That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but now you mention it it sounds like a better idea than the mundane one I was thinking of

  5. tykebhoy Says:

    Looks like you have to be careful what you text with the Android. Reboot in a text message causes it to reboot.
    I wonder what other text words it will take litterally? Kill perhaps ;-)

  6. tykebhoy Says:

    looks like wordpress think I am spamming again :-(

  7. Simon Says:

    sorry tykebhoy, sorted now

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