Should be website hell!

I think I have finally sorted out all known current kinks in the Codematic internet presence. It is still a work in progress of course. And don’t go looking for the XLAnalyst site thats ‘being refreshed’.

Nice new spreadsheet hell opening here:

(note the not insignificant personal danger involved in getting that photo (no photoshop here))

If those buttons have a grey border its because you are using an old out of date non compliant browser, inline with about 30% of visitors). If the picture tiles or does some other funny stuff then welcome to the club – we’ve given up on that.

If you get to a Codematic page that looks ugly (as in lost its style sheet, default font all over, missing pics etc) then please send me the link as I just fixed another issue today. If you find any other broken stuff then let me know that too.



6 Responses to “SpreadsheetHell”


    The site looks great…. Very clean and straight-forward.

    I especially like your rates :-) and your defense of them. You’re my hero !!


  2. Maarten van Stam Says:

    Only thing is that I have a repeating picture in my 1680×1050 screen …

    -= Maarten =-

  3. Simon Says:

    Maarten – your kitty laptop goes up to 1680 x 1050??

  4. Biggus Dickus Says:

    It DID take a long time to load – apparently because of your cool picture of HELLLLLLLLL !!


  5. Bastien Says:

    Hello Simon,

    First: I very much like reading your blog.
    Second, nice there is an Excel guy that loves mountainbiking too.

    Building websites can sometimes be a bit difficult, especially with the various browsers around. However if you add the following stylecode to your html-code the background picture won’t be repeated: style="background-repeat: no-repeat;"
    (I think everybody that works with spreadsheets should have a big screen)

    The code line will then become sort of:
    cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" background="fire1.jpg" style="background-repeat: no-repeat;" valign="top">

    Furthermore the background picture is about 523 KB. That is a bit large for a website, especially if you have a slower internet connection.
    You can change it without losing too much image quality to about 72 kb.

    and the small version:

    Kind regards,

  6. Simon Says:

    Hi Bastien
    Thanks for the repeat info, I’ll inform the web team, although she has pretty much washed her hands of it all now.
    I had left the picture big to keep the quality (I don’t think 500 k is that big in 2008), but having seen your smaller one, the quality isn’t noticeably worse so I’ll change it. Thanks for the prod. I suppose I should have tried that sooner, but frankly I was just relieved not to have melted my camera.

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