Office 14 out next week

Apparently Office 14 will get an airing at the PDC next week.

Blimey – they haven’t even officially named it have they?

If O14 is the official name at least I won’t need a new notebook:

my O14 notebook

my O14 notebook

Which is lucky as this one still has spare pages. I do appear to have lost my matching pen though.

If you’re going then keep us posted on any UI repairs. (Full classic mode option (with proper automation) for competent users, is that right? ;-))

Of course with it being the _professional_ developer conference no spreadsheet (or Access) jockeys will be there right?

I got this snippet from here (linked to in the PC Pro bit above.

“We will rewrite Office to work in a browser,” he [sm: chief klaxon Ballmer] said in an interview with Computer Weekly.

What, is the point of that??

(rhetorical question – no need to answer)



10 Responses to “Office 14 out next week”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    The only major important aspect of version 14 is which technology will be presented as the new language for the Office suite. Will it be VSTA or will it be ?

    It would be very cool if it is F#!

  2. Mike Staunton Says:

    Hopefully it will be called VBA – though it is nice to see that at long last there’s a complex number type in F#

  3. Rob Bruce Says:

  4. Greg Says:

    I would be excited too if it was F#. I’m ready to move on to something other than VBA, provided that VBA’s around for a while. It’s going to take a long time to replace all the VBA code hanging around.

  5. Mike Staunton Says:

    slightly off-topic but anyway for fans of the Smurfs

  6. Simon Says:

    If we’re talking wish list then performant .net UDFs would be high on my list.

    Mike how topical – I was only thinking the other day how quite things are on the smurf front, and lo a new coordinated marketing assault is just around the corner.

  7. Harlan Grove Says:

    In re udfs, I’d be pleased with a means of passing 3D references to VBA udfs. Unless VBA is officially deprecated, it’s still the primary scripting mechanism. Even better would be eliminating the need for large classes of udfs by making the informational GET.* XLM functions regular worksheet functions.

    More generally, live customization of the UI and/or backfilling a classic UI option would be tops on my list. As for built-in functions, how about something really, really simple that would show MSFT’s good faith – fix MOD so it could handle somehting like MOD(2^30,3) without returning #NUM! since VBA has no problem returning 1 in the Immediate Window when fed ? 2^30 mod 3. Either that or an HONEST answer why they can’t fix that other than the normal BS about backwards compatibility.

  8. Simon Says:

    Sorry Rob
    I just rescued your comment form the spam bin.

    I’ll probably get a cease and desist!

  9. Charles Says:

    Be nice if XL14 fixed:
    – the VBE refresh bug with UDFs
    – the appalling slowdown in VBA in 2007 compared to previous versions, which seems to have got worse with SP1.
    (see )

    I agree with Harlan about 3d refs for UDFs, with the ability to convert to a 1D variant array with one element for each sheet and the element containing a 2D variant array of data.

  10. Rob Bruce Says:

    That was just me being lazy. I don’t really blame Akismet for thinking a comment consisting of just a link is spam.

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