Controlling the review toolbar

A while ago I mentioned a VB6 COM add-in I had for keeping that pesky review toolbar in its place. I also discussed controlling the wordwrap/ row height auto scroll oddness that Excel does when you enter a long text string here.

I have now combined those 2 management functions into a  new COM add-in and put it in the usual place.

Its just the raw .vbp at the moment as I haven’t had chance to test the deployment properly. Don’t be under any illusions though – I haven’t tested the core operation ‘properly’. It worked OK for me the last time I tried it, it hasn’t broken anything else (that I know of – yet).

If you don’t have VB6 you can just pull the .cls and .bas files into VBA and you wont be far off. I’ll sort out a proper setup.exe in the next few days

The reason I put it in VB6 is that I have found when you are trapping Excel events in VBA and developing you can easily lose your application reference. I just find it more convenient to put this sort of stuff in a COM add-in, that also gets it out of the project explorer in the IDE.

If anyone has any enhancements or other features to include either upload them and tell us or email them to me and I’ll do it.

Any problems or other feedback either email me or leave a comment



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