Simple Timer

Those nice folks at Codematic have made available their world class, best of breed, exclusive multifunctional chronography system.

(= a simple VBA Timer/Timesheet thingy, nowt special, from here.)

It has a couple of buttons, one to start the timer, one to end it. It records the interval and moves to a new line each time you click start.


Say for example you want to prove who can get the coffees in the fastest.

Or time how long a long procedure takes, like say some massive ETL process.

If I’d used GetTickCount instead of NOW() it could be used for some more high definition timing, maybe version 2.

Dick at DDOE did a more feature rich one recently related to measuring the amount of time spent on various categories of task during the week.

This one is just a simple timer, originally created to measure some 20 minute network based procedure to see if it could be speeded up. (Yes – work locally!). I rushed it on-line in response to a NewsGroup posting the other day, otherwise I might have spent more time tidying things up.

The code is totally open (all 10 lines of it) feel free to modify/enhance – let us know if you do something we might all benefit from.

No VBA code runs between start and stop and no variables are held in memory, so you can even time compiling your VBA.

As usual any feedback welcome



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