Up from the usual 1.2 million per week to 3 million for the week of release. And after the weekend its up to 5 million. And now running at about 1.8 million a week. And that doesn’t include the Linux crowd who will most likely be getting their update via their OS repository. Hello Asus? (and you Ubuntu) ours is where??

Here is the link to the PCWorld article covering it.

One interesting point from that article is the OOo goal of 40% marketshare by 2010. Up until the last 12 months I would have laughed at that, right now I think its a very real possibility. I see Firefox is now officially at 20% market share.

Here is the link to the OOo marketing blog.

I suspect the OOo adoption rate is higher than MS Office 2007 just now, and I expect that to continue. Whether it will hit some critical mass and take market share at an ever increasing rate I’m not so sure. If MS mess up again in O14, and if OOo gets real world VBA compatibility then I think it will happen. In fact I think O14 will be a critical release for a few reasons, especially in the current economic climate.

Having said all that creating OOo versions of my Excel tools is still some way down my todo list.

Do you think OOo will gain significant market share in the markets you care about? Are you seeing it already? Hows your starbasic coming along?



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