Google drops StarOffice

I never fully understood how come Google could give away StarOffice, when StarOffice themselves wanted 50 quid or something for the suite. (Google Pack). I also never quite understood why StarOffice and not its Open Source sibling OpenOffice. (better migration tools apparently)

Anyway Google have now removed StarOffice from their Google Pack.

I’d hope this is because they now feel OOo is ready for prime time and are just sorting out the links. Others seem to think its Google trying to drive people to Google Docs. So perhaps they think Google Docs is now mature enough to compete with a desktop based system? It might stand a chance with Gears integration, is that in place yet?

Perhaps its just cost saving from the big G – maybe they couldn’t afford the bandwidth?

(there is a recession on dontchya know)



2 Responses to “Google drops StarOffice”

  1. Simon Says:

    Seemingly Sun are to distribute an MS search bar instead of google tool bar with Java runtimes.
    So perhaps Google has spat the dummy?

  2. Ross Says:

    Sun wopuld be better off not distributing any bloody tool bar!

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