Free Crapware

Well Ross beat me too it, but I was thinking:

Why would anyone want some crappy toolbar malware with their Java run times?

(Sun includes MSN tat instead of Google tat)

I’ve got a post lined up on a related topic but isn’t this just turning the JVM updates into a huge trojan horse?

Like why would you want OpenOffice with your JVM?.

I know Sun are about to fall apart but loading up the JVMs with loads of irrelevant tat seems like a short term game.

What have you downloaded recently that came with a bunch of unrelated rubbish?



2 Responses to “Free Crapware”

  1. Ross Says:

    Not quite the same thing, but I downloaded the updated shim for VS2008, last night and had to install that office genuine advantage plug in, what a pile of total c##p.
    I have to install a plug in so MS can check my version of office before I download a C template that is used to develop an MS products? It’s almost impossible to side step this cutting edge security challenge!!! Why bother MS? Why bother?

  2. Simon Says:

    I’ve not seen that Office GA, but I got tangled up in a comedy WGA farce the other week.

    I think they picked a bad time to piss off all their genuine customers with their clumsy anti-piracy crusade. Possibly less cackhanded than the Spore lot (EA) who’ve picked up a few class actions for their trouble.

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