Pimp my app?

Its tupping season round here so one of my farmer mates was explaining how the ewes encourage the rams.

I’m not sure when he also told Sun or who they got the idea from them. But it looks like they are following a similar strategy.

SUN pimping out Java – OpenOffice next.

To save you reading heres the summary:

Last year Sun got a few quid off Google to push their toolbar with Java. This year they had an open auction and MS paid the most and now Sun is pimping their toolbar instead.

Next, Sun are going to auction off some branding opportunities on/in/with OpenOffice. No one quite knows what this means, but its hard to see how it will be good for users. (Does anyone know how successful MS has been with their advertising funded Works ‘suite’?)

This is a monumental FAIL on so many levels.

  1. Pretty soon (within 3 years I reckon) MS is going to stop haemorrhaging money in this area. At that point the valuation of Sun’s distribution will plummet back to reality, or lower now they pissed Google off so badly they stopped distributing StarOffice.
  2. Every time someone downloads something they did not ask for and did not want, they will lose some love for the trojan horse that brought them that gift. Expect Java to get rapidly devalued, and/or distributed by non Sun sources without all the crapware. Likewise OpenOffice.
  3. In 3 years time (max) everyone will be avoiding Suns ‘distribution channel’ and its crapware infestation like the plague it will have become.

Sun should just sell themselves to MS and be done with it.

Your thoughts?



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