Massive discounts at Codematic

In line with our leaders’ edict that prices should be reduced so we can spend our way out of recession, Codematic has taken the axe to our already generous prices.

Save up to 1,000 GBP on our fast worksheet unprotector (requires the purchase of 2,000 licences – old price (each) 23.50 GBP gross – new price 23.00 Gross, saving 50 pence per licence)

If thats not generous enough for you – what about a custom xll udf in C? was 293.75, now 287.50, saving a whopping 6.25 GBP (each).

We’ve slashed the full 2.5% vat reduction off all our prices (of course that is 2.5/117.5, so only really 2.13% but hey – the gubmint is calling it 2.5% ).

Note, even though some of our suppliers have taken the opportunity to pocket the change and increase prices we are passing the full ‘discount’ on to our customers – happy Christmas!

Net prices havent changed.

Bit of a pain having to suspend my Sunday to change the e-commerce, but actually it wasn’t that hard. Pity my sister who has over 1,000 stock items, many of which were imported with a text .175 vat rate, and can’t be re-imported.

I made the change a few hours early so then I had to sit and wonder how I would account for anyone buying 2,000 licences on the new vat rate. Guess what? no one did!

Have you seen/heard/read any vat related sagas around this rapid rate change (1 weeks notice isn’t much is it really?)



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