Another missed date

Office 2007 was two years old last week (30th Nov)

What did you do to celebrate?

11 Responses to “Another missed date”

  1. Bob Phillips Says:

    As it was a Sunday, I deliberately avoided, more than usual, using it.

  2. Dennis Wallentin Says:


    Two years out on the market and still a very low penetration. Initially I thought that 2007 would be used by at least 30 % today but it looks like it less then 20 %.

    You don’t work at Sunday?!

    Kind regards,

  3. Simon Says:

    I went to the Ribbon lovers club annual celebration.

    It was in a phone box in London.

    I was the only one there

    (I only went to point and laugh)

    Dennis I think it is well less than 20%, more like 10% I think, and that is mostly consumers. I’m sure OpenOffice has a bigger market share than 2007.

    Office 2k extended support finishes summer 2009, that might generate a few migrations/deployments.

  4. Martin R Says:

    Simon is there some setting to tell SOS/Wordpress we are back on GMT and not BST. Its a bit diconcerting reading a post at just after 13.00 timestamped 13:43 on the same day. However I think it is a recent problem as I am sur I would have noticed it in November.

    I’m on 2002 at work and there seems little entusiasm/mommentum towards 2007. Maybe I will be lucky and Office 14 and beyond will include a classic interface option and fix all the bugs and I’ll get to bypass 2007 and the ribbon completely.

    Excuse me I’ve just been stood to attention to salute a flypast by a squadron of pigs.

    I recently had my first experience of Vista and that wasn’t a happy one either. We have bought my 13 year old stepson a laptop for Christmas and I have recently installed the broadband and anti virus software which also meant its first contact with t’interweb. The broadband required a reboot and the log off ended with “installing windows updates 1 of 11 please do not switch off” 1 took over 40 minutes as did I think 7 and it took over 1 hour 45 to actually close. To my horror when it automatically rebooted it then said installing “1 of 22 updates” fortunately that took only just over 10 minutes. However 2 hours to install “essential” updates!!!

  5. Simon Says:

    I’ve just set up an Acer Aspire one for the kids. It has Bagpuss Linux on it.
    Absolute doddle to set up, but probably 20 mins to update itself.

  6. Simon Says:

    Time fixed I think

  7. Martin R Says:

    Yes time is fixed and because of it it looks like you have fixed it before it was reported ;-)

  8. Dennis Wallentin Says:


    You’ve must has missed me with a nano second or so! I opened the place and was (not) surprise to see that I was the only guy around. So I went to the Ribbon 2.0 party where we could take part of all the coming excellent and nice stuff. We only need to upgrade to Office 14!

    Yes, I believe that You’re right in Your estimations. There has been a hype around OpenOffice but lately some organizations have went back to Office.

    The main reason is that OpenOffice has not the open architecture to connect to other systems within these organizations.

    Now I need to close the Phonebox for this time,

  9. Bob Phillips Says:

    Well that is odd, I have just read MS’ blog, and they said that 4,379 people registered to attend the Ribbon Lovers annual celebration, registration up by 75% over the previous yera; proof in their words that take up of 2007 is significant. Of course, I suppose a big corporation registering all of their staff is a bit different than any of them actually attending.

    I can’t see 2K falling out of support having any impact at all. When was the last time anyone can remember anyone calling MS for support. I still have customers, and know even morfe, who are on 97. There are compelling reasons for upgrading from 97 fro 2K IMO, but they haven’t. 2K is still the best Excel version in my view in terms balance of functionality, footprint, cost (capital and maintenance) of all Excel versions, so no compelling reason to upgrade from there that I can see.

  10. Simon Says:

    Thats nearly the whole effluent team!

  11. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Hm, it was actually 4383 as Bill and Steve with wifes came late.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we made a voting for best Excel version, in terms that Bob point out, that 2k will be at the top. Not surprising but 2k works well with managed COM add-ins too.

    Kind regards,

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