Get patching

I’ve finally found some readable details of the patches MS released yesterday. I’ve been looking out for them since JP emailed me last week asking what was going on (I didn’t know).

Anyway SANS has a good summary here. Note the traffic lights Red == Patch NOW

MS detail here for Excel.

Summary – Open a dodgy workbook, get pwned.

No need to enable macros, this is an error in the file parser that allows the bad guys to run what they want on your box.

Also there is a bunch of VB runtime bugs around several Activex controls.

Let us know if you hit any problems patching.



2 Responses to “Get patching”

  1. JP Says:

    Thanks Simon. Did you see some of the patches are for vulnerabilities years old? Scary.

  2. Simon Says:

    Thats a good point I should have mentioned – some of these are live out in the wild being exploited.

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