Safe spreadsheeting

Has anyone done the safe spreasheet assessment from Q-Validus here?

A few (/load) of us did it at Eusprig last year as a trial run. I thought it was pretty good. Better than some of the on-line assessments I have done over the years.

Has anyone implemented a policy where only people who have passed that test and/or done some advanced training get to work on mission critical spreadsheets? How did that work?

One of the papers at Eusprig last year had it as a proposal that seemed logical and yet was strongly resisted. I can see why it would be, given the freewheeling nature of the end user computing world. But I can also see how it makes sense from a risk management pov.

Would you take the test (if ‘encouraged’)?

Do you think you could get the folks you work with or support to do it?

Do you have some ad-hoc or in house assessment process for managing access to these important resources?



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