Sharepoint 2007

I often see clients using long server paths and long file names to cram a load of information into the full path name. Things like the date the file relates to, the business unit, the type of report or analysis, author, etc etc.

Generally I recommend these clients look at how they structure their work, and I also recommend they take a look at Sharepoint. Sharepoint allows users of files to search for them by all the categories above, and more. And it allows them to better manage how they consume the data.

You can also use Sharepoint as a version history, change control tool.
I’m not convinced it is especially rich from a spreadsheet dev pov, but I havent used a recent version of SP.

I have a question though for those of you using it in anger:

Is it realistic to use it for 10 or 20 Mb spreadsheets that get updated daily, or even more frequently. Can it cope with maintaining a full fidelity history. If the server is in the same location is performance (opening, saving) similar to just saving to a folder share. Or it it only really suitable for v lightweight spreadsheets and/or browser based stuff?

Any advice from the trenches gratefully recieved.

I need to refresh my Sharepoint knowledge, but then again I have a million and one things I need to do… (Excel services is on my radar too – I have just bought the book that has been in my Amazon cart for about 6 month!


2 Responses to “Sharepoint 2007”

  1. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    It must be something wrong with organizations that allow such larges files at all! I wonder how much of the file can actually be viewed at the same time? I’ve seen desktops where the users have 2 screens and still claim that they cannot see the wanted information… More screens or should the users be educated on Excel and information structures? I suspect that SharePoint will be next huge garbish station in many organizations.

    Kind regards,

  2. Simon Says:

    Dennis there are already reports of users abusing Sharepoint so badly they can barely use it anymore.

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