Christmas and NY posting

Things will be pretty quiet here for the next couple of weeks.

My main focus is very much likely to be on setting up bagpuss linux (Acer Aspire one) for safe surfing by the kids, and anyone else who is lucky enough, or was good enough to deserve one. Hopefully I’ll get some away from the tompooter too!

Last week I was away and was using skype to report in. A couple of days its was a bit poor and got christened ‘skype shite’ by Madame. But most of the time it was very good.

Calling a UK landline from abroad on skype works about about 1 Euro per hour. Slightly better than Vodaphones generous (for them) 1 GBP per minute. And it seems their hotels are a bit more enlightened about complementary wireless t’interweb (than the UK donkeys that are still trying to charge 5/10 quid a day (per precisely metered 24 hours that is).

I will have a few posts of course to help those poor souls that are working over the next couple of weeks (to avoid working too hard).



One Response to “Christmas and NY posting”

  1. Andy McFaul Says:

    New here. Wanted to say hello.

    Andrew McFaul
    Andy McFaul

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