Ethical blogging

I got asked (nicely) by one of the people on this list of names to remove the list from Tonys comment (near the bottom):

Tonys list is a simple copy paste from here:

Which is in the top few results on Google for Compassoft.

Should I remove the list or not? and why?

I don’t see a problem with publishing already public info, am I missing something?

Of course I wouldn’t like my name publicly associated with a failed company – but thats why I work for little old Codematic.

I’m still new to this blogging lark, what should I do?



6 Responses to “Ethical blogging”

  1. JP Says:

    I would say it’s definitely within the realm of acceptable, especially since it’s already publicly posted.

  2. Dick Kusleika Says:

    I don’t think it’s an ethical question. That is, it’s not unethical either way. Just do whatever serves the interest of your readers. Does his name add to the value of that post? Probably not. And since he asked nicely, I’d probably redact it.

    I *do* think that deleting it as if it was never there is bad practice. Just replace his name with ‘removed by request – ed.’

  3. dougaj4 Says:

    If it was me, knowing the vagaries and expense of the law, I’d probably remove the list and replace it with a link to the list.

    But no, I don’t think there is anything unethical about posting the list. I also doubt if there is anything actionable, unless the list is false and you knew it was false, or you could and should have known it was false.

  4. Mike Staunton Says:

    I’m with Dick – blogs are a community affair and such requests should be respected – there’s no need to get all legalistic about it or worry about censorship too much – it’s not that important – as you say, in practical terms it will have no impact since people can Google for themselves

  5. Simon Says:


  6. jonpeltier Says:

    Simon –

    I see you’ve removed the list. There are (at least) a couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. Was the information already publicly available? If so you did not violate any secrecy clause, but you also have the ability to link to it.

    2. Did you blog about it, or was it left in a comment? Do you have a comment policy? I have a comment policy which states that the author of the comment is responsible for what they write (which reduces my liability for anything left in a comment). It also states that as owner of the blog, I can edit or delete any comment as appropriate (which means I don’t have to worry about any bogus freedom of speech issues). I also moderate comments, which gives me a chance to head off anything before it becomes publicly associated with my blog.

    Probably leaving a link to the list is the optimum solution.

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