Dead batteries

My main Windows web machine died completely last week. Its a 2-4 year old Acer laptop, never been off mains power. Of course I know that will eventually kill the battery…

It would not turn on, no lights no nothing. I left it charging overnight, nothing, different power lead, nothing. No power lead – nothing.

Wandering round t’intarwebs I saw the suggestion to try it on the mains without the battery. Now its working fine, the battery is obviously more than knackered.

I thought lappers only worked with the battery in? and thats why they give brown out/black out protection?

Is that just an old wives tale like filling the kettle at night in case there’s an air raid?

This could call for a dramic restructuring of the Codematic Continuous Service Department (CCSD – also know as Codematic Non Stop ™). (i.e. I’ll get a new battery for the UPS that died some time ago).

What do other laptop users do to look after the battery?



3 Responses to “Dead batteries”

  1. Hazel Edmunds Says:

    Battery? What battery? The damn thing ONLY works without one and has done for a long time!

  2. Gavin Bowman Says:

    I usually run laptops without the battery if it comes out easily. Usually end up with very good battery life when I need it, even when the laptop is a few years old.

    Probably doesn’t offer blackout protection, but I’ve never had any problems so far.

  3. Bob Phillips Says:

    I found this out about a year ago whenI bought my wife a laptop. The first one just kept dying after no significant time, and when I finally got through to Sony support, they told me to boot up without the battery. That was news to me that you could.

    As it happened, it made no difference, so it was not the battery. Needed a new laptop in the end, and I just happened to forget to send back the old battery, so we now have a spare .

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