I have been watching the tech company reports recently.

These are pretty exciting time to be in tech. (not that I am ‘in tech’ in terms of financial investments – I’m not)

Sometime ago I posted about how I thought Googles business model was more resilient than Microsoft’s in these hard times. I think the results today bear that out.

I read reports of Google serving up many more ads in the run up to Christmas which I’m sure boosted their numbers. MS don’t really have that luxury.

Not sure how long it will continue though – are you?

Also I am noticing a lot of positive buzz around Win 7, perhaps the tables will be turned next quarter?



One Response to “Financials”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Open question how numbers of upgrade Windows licenses compare to OEM licenses, i.e., whether a significant portion of Microsoft’s Windows revenue comes from people who buy new Windows licenses for existing PCs that already have older version Windows licenses or whether the bulk of their revenue comes from the original Windows license sold bundled with new PCs.

    I can’t see a lot of new PC sales just to buy Windows 7 in the current economy. As for upgrade licenses, speaking only for myself, Windows 7 would need to be A LOT better than Windows XP to interest me at all.

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