The joy of blogging

My Acer one suddenly stopped seeing the network last night – for no apparent reason.

I thought nothing of it just assuming the local network was down.

Today it still wasn’t working so I decided to investigate. Various settings and rebooting later it still wasn’t seeing the network, infact it didn’t see any.

At which point I remembered the hassle I had initially setting it up and my heart sank.

Then I remembered that I had blogged about it – no use though as I couldn’t connect! Then I remebered that I’m susbscribed to this blog through Thunderbird. Yahoo, found the post.

And lo, its the same problem – the hardware network switch had turned itself off. This happens with one of the kids machines too so I don’t thinks its completely operator error.

Glad I blogged about it! (and kept a local copy!)



3 Responses to “The joy of blogging”

  1. ross Says:

    >>the hardware network switch ….
    you had turned the switch off?

    Yeah I sometimes look back at my blog post to find things I’d forgot.

  2. Simon Says:

    wasn’t me
    I wasn’t even there
    the bigger boys did it

  3. Ross Says:

    Go and stand in the conner Murphy!

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