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I was chatting with a fellow dev the other day and he told me about one of the jobs he had had.

The client had worked out their Ms Office licence fees were x thousand per year. They estimated that to get everything working in Open Office would cost about x thousand (including recoding all the VBA as Star basic).

So they paid this guy the same x to do the work over a period of months and have paid nothing for office suite licensing since.

I find that very interesting for several reasons.

  1. Payback in 12 months is a good return
  2. The figures were 10’s of thousands of pounds so they must have had a significant investment in MS Office.
  3. I still don’t see why these projects seem to be so rare.
  4. Is this a future opportunity?
  5. In a few more releases the VBA would probably have worked in OOo.
  6. I’m watching IEs marketshare plummet, watching the strange things happening in MS Office, and wondering if OOo can do what Firefox has?

I know whenever we discuss this, very few people see any signs of migration. If you do see any evidence then let us know, even if its to Google etc.



3 Responses to “OpenOffice Dev”

  1. jonpeltier Says:

    A professor I know had tried Open Office for several months, partly because many of his students used it rather than Excel. He finally gave up, because there were things it just didn’t do, and he didn’t like having two sets of files everywhere.

  2. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    I do some OO jobs in the public sector; less advanced solutions compared with Excel and less payment.

    The public sector is a good candidate for OO and I believe it will increase over the next coming years but it probably will still be a compliment to the MS Office platform.

    Kind regards,

  3. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    For OpenOffice Calc to succeed it must be ten times faster than Excel. The turn the last few Excel versions have taken (*) is lookling good from OpenOffice’s point of view.

    (*) private memory ten fold ; over-complicated graphics layer ; 32-bit UI ; …

    After that, the only thing we need is a major calculation engine compability bug (remember last time with the frac precision mess, how little time the thing took to be handled) : think a Ribbon-like idea right within the calc core.

    Can’t wait for this to happen.

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