Codematic Excel Add-in Downloads

Heres the latest situation from the Codematic free Excel add-ins and tools downloads.


The anonimser hasn’t been up that long so that may not be a fair representation of its popularity.

Its good to see that XLAnalyst is still a popular download – sometimes I wonder if the fad of caring about spreadsheet quality passed faster than skateboarding. (I am saving up for a new skateboard, having realised the kids have better ones than mine).

Watch out for a new commercial version of XLAnalyst… one day ;-). Its all written, I’m using it on my own projects, I just want to do some more structured testing and package it up for release – both of which are much less fun than writing software.

The most interesting thing to me is the continued popularity of the base xll project. I have always thought there is a lot of pent up interest in this ‘fast worksheet funciton’ space. but other than doing the odd training course, and offering to convert VBA UDFs to xll ones I havent really come up with a worthwhile commercial offering. Any ideas?

The popularity of fast worksheet unprotection has never surprised me, the pitiful download to purchase ratio is a little on the disappointing side though (not a surprise though).



7 Responses to “Codematic Excel Add-in Downloads”

  1. sam Says:

    Can you do XLL’s without
    a) Buying another product
    b) Learning another Language

    Until MS Makes creating XLL’s as simple as File Save As XLL I am afraid its not going to be as popular as an XLA

  2. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    sam is right; although XLLs is superior VBA solutions the later are for most power users/developers the best route to take. Because of the shortcomings on the .NET platform including VSTO MSFT recommends to use XLLs but this will never be realistic for the average VBA developer.

    It exists some XLLs development tools that make it rather easy to create the wanted solutions however giving the price model ($$$) they are too expensive.

    Perhaps You can provide the market with an unexpensive XLL development tool?

    Kind regards,

  3. Bob Phillips Says:

    What a useless chart, no context, just a relative view. So the unprotect thing is twice as popular as the worksheet function, but is that 2 against 1, ro 2M against 1M?

  4. jonpeltier Says:

    Re Bob’s comment: There’s no time context to the chart, either. One would expect it covers a recent period, a week or a month. But Simon’s comment about anonymizer being a new product affecting its numbers lends doubt to that assumption. If anonymizer is the newest and codoxll the oldest, this bar chart may show age instead of popularity.

  5. Ross Says:

    …don’t hold back Bob!!!! :-)
    I was thinking the same thing, but I wondered if Simon didn’t want to give the total numbers away, or maybe, that was just the goal to say that x is 2 time y and leave it at that?

    I was surprised to see XLL begin more popular than VB6 com, but maybe there’s a different thing going on here. Maybe the chart misses the VB6 com stuff, as that has been up for longer than the XLL stuff (i think, Si?), and so of those people that are interested, over the reference period, maybe XLL is more popular?

    >>Perhaps You can provide the market with an unexpensive XLL development tool?

    Maybe, from what I know Dennis the ones out there at the moment, like XLL+, still need you to write code in C.
    There are managed XLL frameworks, (XL DNA is free!, and looks promising), but then that’s a skills/scope thing, as the speed will still vanish, I think.

    Converting VBA to C++, is a hard task I would think? there was a thing called speed basic, that complied C dll’s, from a BASIC system, but that is dead now.

    As to XLL and Sam and Dennis, here are my 2 cents ( a little tongue in check!)

    >>Can you do XLL’s without
    >>a) Buying another product
    >>b) Learning another Language

    a – Yes, there are many free c compliers that can build this type of DLL, and the SDK is free and there are some example in it, inc winforms.

    b – Well yes if you are a C programer :-p

  6. Bob Phillips Says:

    >> …don’t hold back Bob!!!! :-)

    Normally I would Ross, but it’s Simon, and he owes me a tenner!

  7. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the constructive feedback Bob – I’ll incorporate that in my next post.

    (Of course if I put a load of context in it he’d moan that its too cluttered!);-)

    The intention was to show the relative popularity of the various downloads. not the absolute. The anonimiser was released part way through the period (which I can’t remember but is over 1 month I think)

    I do have a half built xll generation tool, which does the painful Excel CAPI misery, but you still need C knowledge to write the actual function body.. I had considered it as a commercial tool but I’m not sure I could write something that would go far enough for a price people would pay.

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