Interesting story here the author is discussing another post proposing that MS cut the MacBU to bolster their O/S marketshare, and save a few quid. The idea being that if MS stop writing software for the Mac then Macs marketshare would decline as everyone rushed back to Windows.

I don’t think Mac marketshare would decrease if MS Office was suddenly not available on Macs – do you?

Personally I think that is the best possible thing Microsoft could do for OpenOffice. OOo is already the best cross platform option, but it has only recently got a native look and feel on Macs.

If MS did bin Mac Office, then I think OOo would quickly become the standard on none MS o/s which is just over 10% – thats enough to start a trend. And I think it would, and that trend would be away from MS Office and in turn away from MS Windows.

So I agree with the post I linked to, and I reckon the guy he linked to is well wrong.

Whats your take?



3 Responses to “Competitiveness”

  1. jonpeltier Says:

    With the debacle of removing VBA from Excel 2008 and the ease of running a VM on a Mac to handle Windows Excel, I’m not sure this would make much difference. My clients who use Macs run Excel 2003 in a VM.

    MacBU strikes me as being a distraction, and even though Mac market share has soared into the – what? – high single digits, I don’t see too many of these users as big Excel users anyway.

    I don’t think cutting MacBU would have an appreciable effect on OS market share.

  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    Mac BU may be a distraction, but I wonder whether it’s the third most profitable BU after Windows and Windows versions of Office or fourth behind the XBox BU too. Given all the Microsoft BUs that don’t make money, closing down the Mac BU would be waving a red flag in front of competition regulators showing Microsoft would still really, really like to be a monopoly.

    As I see it, Microsoft can’t afford to close the Mac BU unless they can show it doesn’t make money. Not unless they want a redux of the lawsuits of the 1990s.

  3. Nick Hebb Says:

    Running with what Jon said, I wonder what percent of Mac users have Windows installed via Parallels, Fusion, or BootCamp? I know that Parallels alone is making a butt load of money, so Windows may still be selling quite well to Mac users.

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