No Office 14 in 2009

From big Steve himself – courtesy of Silicon Alley Insider.

I’m not saying I don’t believe the CEO or owt, buuut I wouldn’t be surprised to see something (Office 14 capable vouchers ??? ;-)) in time for the Christmas shopathon.

Judging by the rest of that call they could do with a bit of a holiday season revenue boost.

Do you think the release date will have a noticeable impact on your business?



7 Responses to “No Office 14 in 2009”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Office 14 vouchers? As in pay now (well, around mid Dec) for a product that might not be available until 2010Q2? How many people do you really think would buy that? Or do you mean buy a new PC and get a voucher for some set amount off Office 14 when and if it reaches RTM? Would you then need to mail said voucher to a Microsoft processing center and await a disk pack in the mail? Or would you get to go to any participating reseller and have them honor and process these vouchers?

    Since there’d also be a question about OEM vs unrestricted retail licenses, I could only see prepaying when buying new PC working if the PC manufacturer was the party responsible for shipping out OEM disk packs to customers. But there’s a big problem with this picture – the idea that granny or great uncle Bubba would install Office 14 themselves. So the voucher cost would also include added telephone support line staff?

    I’m a cynic. I can see people who’d buy Office 14 retail being willing and able to install Office themselves, but I have considerable doubts whether people who buy 99% of their software pre-installed will be up to the task. Since I’m unencumbered by any SKU market share data, I have no idea of the relative sizes of OUE and retail license revenues, but given the number of Office boxes at local big box electronics and office supply stores near where I live (fewer than 2 dozen such boxes all together in 4 such stores when I was shopping recently for a USB drive), I suspect OEM units greatly outnumber retail units. If so, vouchers won’t work.

  2. Simon Says:

    Harlan, The voucher comment was slightly tongue in check because of the trouble they are in with Vista capable (although it looks like it has lost its class action status – so maybe it not such trouble after all).

    I was thinking buy a Pc in Dec with 2007 and get a free upgrade to O14 when it releases.

    I love your turn of phase ‘unencumbered by mkt share info’. I’ve certainly never let complete ignorance of the facts stop me wading in! There was some info in the last MS financials, sadly way too boring to actually remember, but I think retail is a drop in the ocean compared to corporate and OEM.

  3. martin rushton Says:

    Quoting Harlan “Excel 2007 – the longest, most expensive public beta test on record.”

    I think that’s probably the biggest impact on business on any delay in Office 14. 10 and 11 are now 7 and 6 years old respectively but there seems little impetus in moving away from either. Will M$ wait to get 14 right i.e. not dictated by Word and the lowest common denominator in user terms (the alleged reason for the ribbon). Will we ever see the next exciting episode of Soap! ?

  4. Simon Says:

    Ha ha! Soap – I can barely remember the program but I remember the phrase – good call!

  5. jonpeltier Says:

    “Do you think the release date will have a noticeable impact on your business?”

    I’ve only seen a small effect of 2007 on my business. Maybe around 20% is work I wouldn’t have had if 2007 and its ribbon had not been released. And it was only about 5% until the middle of last year.

  6. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    do not confuse RTM date and GA date.

  7. Charles Says:

    Maybe MSoft will give us an oversized Office 2007 SP2 for Christmas instead?

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