UK Excel User conf

Blimey – It’s only a couple of weeks away.

I hope you’ve booked your travel and accom, and I hope you had less pain than me!

I found a flight for 49 pence (about 1 Euro centime?) by the time I got to the checkout it ended up over 150 quid! W-T-F??

Then the crappy train site kept mucking up my cookies and putting random stuff in my cart just before checkout – I lost count of the number of times I went through their slow painful choosing process. PITA.

I’ll be down in time for drinks on Tue night, I think a few are staying in the Aldgate travellodge, so I dunno if it will be round there or nearer Victoria. No blog posts because the UK hotel market still lags the rest of the developed and developing world in charging stoopid money for wifi. 10 quid per hour- as if! That and the fact I’ll be in the conf or in the pub for the whole of my visit.

Wednesday I’m up for a curry if anyone fancies, especially if anyone knows a good one in the area.

I’m doing beginner/intermediate sessions on VBA and on getting the best from the grid. Full program is here:

Hope to see you there

(If you didn’t get in this time, then there may be another in the autumn I think)



6 Responses to “UK Excel User conf”

  1. dougaj4 Says:

    If it’s any comfort, stupid prices for wifi are even more universal in Australia than they are in the UK.

    Pure laziness on the part of the hotels, I’d happily pay more for the room if it had a decent wi-fi connection.

  2. Bob Phillips Says:

    I tried to book a train, and it all went fine until I got to the last step prior to giving my card details. It kept saying that I hadn’t completed my details correctly and that the offending lines were marked in red, but of course they weren’t. Ended up going down to the station and talking to a man, so much simpler. Cost me £48.10.

    I am at the Southwark TravelLodge, very convenient for Waterloo.

  3. Bob Phillips Says:

    Simon, I am giving a VBA course next week and I am looking to set a UDF as an exercise. Any good ideas on one, something that would test their understanding of the worksheet/VBA interaction, has a reality factor, but not too hard? Typically, I will write hundreds in a year, but when I need it I am struggling to think of a decent example.

  4. Aytekin Says:

    I hope to make the autumn conference, as I could not get a place in the coming excel conference ;-(.

    If you are staying near Aldgate you must visit New Tayyab for Punjabi/Curry. Bring your own alcohol as the restaurant does not sell any. It’s not far from Aldgate travellodge.

    Do not expect a fantastic service, however the food it great. See below link for more information.

    Also, in Victoria you may want to visit a Turkish restaurants called Kazan. You will not be disappointed.

    Have fun.

    PS: There are quite few BT Openzone wi-fi hot spots near your Hotel. You may also want to check The cloud, it covers most of the city.

  5. Charles Says:

    I am at the Southwark Travelodge.

    UDF: How about calculating the average of the numbers in a range which are above a tolerance?

  6. Bob Phillips Says:

    Hi Charles,

    See you there.

    That is a nice example, I will go with that.

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