Tick another?

Another of my 2009 predictions is edging closer.

In Dec I suggested that Sun would go bust or get bought here.

Today I see El Reg has a story about how IBM have opened acquisition talks with Sun.

Its a bit early to take the glory I know, especially as I’m sure Sun execs will over value their company by an order of magnitude or two. But I thought I would call it out anyway.

Not sure what parts of Sun interest IBM? do you know?



2 Responses to “Tick another?”

  1. dougaj4 Says:

    My guess is they want to combine Open Office with Lotus Notes, turn it into something that performs the functions of both programs less well than the original, and market it as Lotus Improv.

  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    We could argue about Notes as an e-mail client, but Notes as an information repository beats most everything else out there. I can query Notes databases (.NSF files) via ODBC. Is there anything comparable for Outlook?

    As for Improv, it sucked for anything ad hoc or for non-rectangular data, but it’d still beat Pivot Tables by a large margin. It illustrates what I consider to be a fact of the software business: large software vendors like Microsoft now and Lotus Development Corp of old can’t/couldn’t figure out how to sell very sophisticated client software (in contrast to selling server-based software to IT types) with relatively small potential markets.

    I think IBM is more interested in Sun’s OS IP and service contracts than OpenOffice or Java, but they’re the only realistic alternative to Sun I can think of for OpenOffice. But GAWD the new Lotus Symphony (IBM’s OOo fork) SUCKS! If IBM buying Sun means OOo becoming more like Symphony, then Microsoft has nothing more to fear from OpenOffice.

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