Soz for the lack of posts

Last week didn’t quite go as expected. I was away in Singapore training/consulting.

That took a larger chunk of the day than I expected (think 12 + hours), not leaving much time to think up imaginitive posts (or even anti-ribbon rants ;-)).

Add the that the mysterious way that I could not connect to the free city wide wifi from my hotel (but their hyper expensive connection did seem to work !). And I just didn’t get near to writing a post – sorry.

Anyway Singapore is a really nice place, and everyone seemed very friendly. Anywhere you can have Chicken masala for dinner is fine by me! (for about a quid!!) Of course I didn’t see any of it, being so busy, but next time…

Anyone fancy a Singapore Excel user conference?

We could do it on the way to OZ, or the way back?

Its the UK conf tomorrow C U there if you manged to get in.



(normal blog service to resume at the end of this week hopefully)

One Response to “Soz for the lack of posts”


    Glad to hear you made it back in one piece. I’d sure love to be at the Conference there.

    I’ve presented at a conference in OZ and it was GREAT! I’d do it again in a minute.

    Have a great session.

    p.s. Say hi to Dany H for me :-) …..

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