Prediction victory claimed

I think Oracle buying Sun confirms my prediction that they would get bought or go bust this year. I did half think Microsoft would buy them, but at least there will be some movement. I thought nothing would happen when IBM gave up.

Anyone know what will happen to OpenOffice? will Sun/Oracle still fund it, will they add top class data connectivity?



5 Responses to “Prediction victory claimed”

  1. Giff Says:

    I’ll agree, prediction victory is yours.

    OpenOffice? Not my major concern, what will happen to MySQL is a bigger question for me.

  2. geoffness Says:

    I think Oracle would be mad to stop funding OpenOffice, they’ve got a great opportunity there. I’m also more concerned about what’s going to happen with MySQL…

  3. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    MySQL is my #1 concern and I suspect that it will not fit into Oracle’s product portfolio and therefore it becomes more critical to see who will buy it from Oracle.

    Kind regards,

  4. Mike Alexander Says:

    You offically have prediction victory Simon.

    Actually I’m a bit more optimistic about MySQL. I think Oracle may see MySQL as a foot in a market space where they wouldn’t typically have a presence before. Small-to-Medium-Size businesses who are limited by budget would not typically consider Oracle products. However with MySQL, Oracle has a brand that can more easily be ported into a paid solution for any company that outgrows MySQL.

    As for OpenOffice, I would not be surprised if Oracle used it to get into the ‘Cloud’ game, competing with Google Documents and Microsoft on the Web.

  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    Look wat Oracle did to RDB, a great low cost database product which they turned into a high-cost cash cow. It was that move that drove many companies like mine in the early 90s into the arms of MS.

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