Google Docs to get scripting

Seems like Google has seen the value in allowing users to customise and extend their applications.

I could take a cheap shot at MS for their lack of commitment to user extension of Office in recent times, but I get the feeling that may be changing. So I’ll save the digs until I know more.

Interesting to note the linked article uses the example of converting from one unit to another – anyone with a decent spreadsheet app (eg: Excel, Gnumeric, OOo Calc) could of course use the inbuilt ‘CONVERT’ function. Doesn’t Google have that?

So some questions:

  1. Do you think powerful user customisation is good or bad? and why?
  2. Do you think Microsoft have shown a lack of love for this user customisation?
  3. Do you use Google docs for important or critical data/calcs?
  4. Is there a ‘best’ among VBA, C# and javascript for this stuff? why?



(soz about lack of posts – family holidays, no internet, you know the score)

oh and my answers

  1. Good in general, unmanaged it leads to a risky mess.
  2. Yep for sure
  3. nope, in fact I feel bad that I havent bothered with any of this cloud fluff
  4. I think they all have their strengths, the integration is important, VBA works well with the current Excel Object Model, C# doesn’t. javascript seems to have a solid future both with MS technologies and with non MS stuff.

3 Responses to “Google Docs to get scripting”

  1. bfinucane Says:

    APIs are a Good Thing, but they do tempt lazy produduct managers not to add the features their customers need.

  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    Scripting capabilities in online spreadsheets are nice. Google won’t be first. Ulteo has provided online access to OpenOffice for a while now, including access to StarBasic. Zoho supposedly provides VBA, but I’ve had mixed results.

    My issue is access. I have to travel in planes from time to time, and until I can have FREE online access in planes, I need to plan on working offline a significant portion of the time. So online spreadsheets would be more of a PITA than a potential boon.

    Now if Google or one of the other online application providers came up with a background replicator which would sync my local files with the web server, THAT would be interesting.

  3. bearjcc Says:

    Harlan, Google Docs DOES allow you to sync all of your documents offline (as well as your email, calendar, etc). What I will do the next time I will not have internet for extended periods of time is make a throwaway gmail account and share only the docs I need for the period of time from my normal. Then sync that to My Computer, a thumbdrive etc.

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