VSTO job seen in the wild

Gasp shock horror!, I think this is the first ever job that mentions VSTO that I have ever seen advertised.

Of course one swallow doesn’t make a spring, right?

And doubly of course they are looking for that well known skill set Excel/VBA/VSTO/C++/C#/Unix/Oracle – I happen to know both people with that skill set are busy at the moment.

If you do a jobserve search for VSTO its reassuring to see it still thinks its a typo and you are really looking for VSTS.

Anyone got active clients/projects using VSTO?



7 Responses to “VSTO job seen in the wild”

  1. Simon Says:

    not one but 2 jobs:
    Sam sent me this – seems wordpress wouldn\’t let him add it himself.

    Sam (http://blog.functionalfun.net)

    We\’re using AddinExpress (http://www.add-in-express.com/) which is very
    similar to VSTO – in fact, the first version of our product did use
    VSTO. If anybody is looking for a job in this area, they should get in


    Take a look at the company – looks great for any of you (us!) trying to break out of the Excel/VBA rut.

  2. Bob Phillips Says:

    Am I missing something, I see nothing about AddinExpress at that link. Seems to be a firm that loves all of the latest MS buzzwords, and they are in Birmingham to boot … don\’t think that is my cuppa.

    Chip Pearson is a big AddinExpress fan, he pushes it on his site.

  3. Mathias Says:

    I have been doing a few VSTO projects in the recent past. It’s typically not the client who asks for it (most people have no idea what VSTO is or that it even exists), rather it’s my solution of choice. The prototypical situation is a project where users want to interact with Excel, but with lots of computation which would be normally written in VBA modules – I replace the VBA part by a VSTO Add-in, and it has worked pretty well so far. I can develop in a modern IDE, write tests for my code, it runs very fast… It’s worth the hassle of working out the deployment kinks!

    PS I tried to comment yesterday evening using Chrome, and it failed miserably, after hitting Submit it went to a black hole…

  4. Marcus from London Says:

    And my favourite part: ‘Market Rate’ – whatever that means nowadays.

  5. Simon Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Mathias, a few people had probs yesterday so I don’t know if its chrome specific or WordPress having a bad day (its seems to have added additional escape chars recently)

    yeah Market rate -” tell us what you want, then we’ll tell you what the client is willing to pay, unless you want less – then we’ll keep the difference”

    it used to mean 4-700 in london, now it seems to mean 250 – 450.

  6. Ross Says:

    Christ, where do I sign!

    I’ve heard good things about addin express, I think Dennis uses it. I’m not sure of it’s advantage over VSTO 3 (2008), but It’s decent for managed com addins, and they do office addin stuff for delphi.

  7. Simon Says:

    Its back on again that job,
    Like I said both those super-humans with the full MS stack and LAMP stack skill set are busy saving the world – no time to fix crappy underperforming .net components.

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