The Google Letter


So finally Google saw sense and wrote to me to ask me to help them create an Excel-beater.

At least that’s what I first thought when I saw the letter.

Imagine my disappointment when I realised they were just offering Codematic the once in a lifetime opportunity of 30 quids worth of free advertising.

Does anyone here use ad-words to promote Excel based services?

does it work?

Personally I’m not that convinced that Excel based services is a viable business, but maybe I’m just doing it wrong.



4 Responses to “The Google Letter”

  1. Mike Alexander Says:

    I tried Google Ad-Words for about a year. In all, it did increase revenue hits, but I will say that cost of Google adwords came out to about 35% of my take home profits.

    The one piece of advice I have for anyone thinking about Ad-words is be careful to choose where you’re ads apear.

    From what I remember, your choices are (paraphrasing here) : “Strictly from the Search page”, or “Complete Google Network”.

    The first choice will show your ad on the search page as the user requests keywords related to your business.

    The second choice will include your add in the Ad-sense nonsense you see on so many sites.

    The difference in cost between the two is astounding. After two months on adwords, I finally wised up and I chose to only show my add when users search for it.

    With Ad-sense, you have no idea where your ads will appear or which moron will mistakenly click on it. Or worse, which slimeball will find a way to rig some fancy ping-back hocus-pocus to tag your site 1,000 times. Here you are, Mr business man thinking “10 cents a click isn’t that much”.

    I refuse to place Ad-sense on my site out of principle. I know it’s a way to make a quick buck. But it’s really a pretty shitty model. Here’s why:

    You have sites that essentially trick users into clicking what hey think is a link within that site. When they click the link…whoops…they find they are on another site. So they immediately go back. So what just happened? Some poor shmuck just got charged 50 cents or more because a slimeball with a CSS editor hid the ad within his conent.

    I’m sorry…That’s just F**cked up.

  2. Dick Kusleika Says:

    Well I’m not nearly as principled as Mike. I have adsense on my site and yet I still sleep at night. I guess that “Ads by Google” text at the top should prevent erroneous clicks.

    I have noticed that only one company ever appears on my adsense – I could probably give them a better deal to just advertise exclusively. I’ll have to contact my sales department on that.

  3. jonpeltier Says:

    Yeah, I also have AdSense. I find it ironic that many of the ads are for products that I criticize the hell out of in the blog content. I guess there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    I don’t think there’s a big deal with people clicking links accidentally, and I don’t disguise ads as content. I understand that Google is able to account for spam clicks. Whatever.

    I’m currently trying to strike a better balance between various ways I use ads to support my online business. I’ve cut back a bit on AdSense, I have a few Amazon and other affiliate links, and I have ads for my own software products.

    I get a reasonable amount of traffic, and nobody, well, almost nobody, has ever complained about ads on my site. The one person who has complained did so out of some misguided principle that ads are evil, or maybe they just detract from the content on a web site. But I’ve supplied much more content than he has, free content that’s very widely applicable, and I get more emails from readers than I can answer. So I don’t think having a few ads to pay for a couple hours of working on the blog is a bad thing. The ad revenue pays for way fewer hours than I actually spend, but it also covers hosting fees and bandwidth overages.

  4. Simon Says:

    Mike If Google catch people hiding their ads like that they get kicked off the program.

    I don’t see a problem with earning a few quid from ads, If I thought it would be worth my while I would. But I havent had any good offers yet.

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