Office 2010

With the confirmation of name change from Office 14, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that Office 2010 is pronounced twenty-ten. Or probably twenny-ten. Or maybe Microsoft Office System for Office productivity live service twenty-ten ™

Don’t get caught out calling it Office two thousand and ten, or even worse Office two oh one oh.



9 Responses to “Office 2010”

  1. Mike Alexander Says:

    I plan on pronouncing it “Twenty One Zero”.

  2. jonpeltier Says:

    How about 2007 SP3?

  3. Dick Kusleika Says:

    I’m super psyched to start using Excel for Microsoft Office .NET Productivity Cloud Suite Live 2010 Enterprise System.

  4. Dick Moffat Says:

    I have always said Twenty-oh-one or Twenty-oh nine just because there is no reason not to (except maybe we can blame Stranley Kubrick for Two Thousand and Nine, etc.).

    Twenty-Ten it is for me…

    On a related issue I remember distinctly having a revelation while teaching a Computer class on 1-2-3 back in 1986 (while teaching date functions) – If these are the Eighties and then we have the Nineties then what are we going to call the first Decade of the new century ?? And to this date with 6 months left there is STILL no answer to that question !! Strange but true…


  5. Harlan Grove Says:

    Best answer I’ve seen to what we should call the current decade is The Naughties.

    As for the next version, despite the marketing BS, it’ll always be Lucky 13 to me.

  6. sam Says:

    Ten and Twenty Black Cells Baked in a Pie (Chart)

  7. Nick Hebb Says:

    I’m stuck. Up to now I’ve been calling it two thousand ten in my head, so it’s going to stay that way.

  8. Jon Peltier Says:

    I vote for Twenty-Ten.

    I worked in the Aluminum industry for a while. Alloys have designations like 2219 and 5051, easy to pronounce as two, two-digit numbers. The governing board granted our new alloy the designation 8009, and nobody could decide whether to call it eight-thousand-nine or eighty-oh-nine. Within two years the project was mothballed and the group disbanded. Because of the awkward name? Probably not. Maybe.

  9. Gordon Says:


    I wonder if proponents of Two Thousand And Ten (Or even Two Thousand Ten, if you’re US-based) would say things like “I graduated in Nineteen Thousand And Seventy Seven”?

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