Blog Stats

JW asked for Excel related blogs to publish their June stats.

I never did bother much with them so I don’t have google analytics or any clue about who reads the feeds etc.

But in June there were 10,000 visitors, dunno how many new and returning etc there tends to be about 400 a day weekdays. I didn’t do that many posts in June so if they were all returners they would have been disappointed.

July is looking better for posts.



2 Responses to “Blog Stats”

  1. Mike Staunton Says:

    simon, don’t feel too bad about the odd relatively quiet month for your posts

    no new posts since August 2008 on this excel programming blog

    and nothing since May 19th on Office 2010 the movie blog

  2. Simon Says:

    Do you think they are all busy trying to convince the ribbon team to go home so they can put back a proper UI?

    Bad time in the economic cycle to be releasing a product with heavy retraining costs and unproven benefits.

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