One more for the road

Just before we finish the ribbon kicking fest:

If you think it was a bit harsh or a bit undeserved – dream on! Here is Charley Kyd’s on-line survey showing 80%, yep that’s eight zero, eighty, almost all, Excel 2007 users don’t like it or hate it because it damages productivity.

And his related survey that shows around 30% of respondents using 2007, which means that majority of the spreadsheet market prefer to use a 6 or more years old spreadsheet than the current one.

(I have linked to those surveys before but they are updated regularly so its good to see the changes, or non changes)

In my opinion/experience working in 2007 is worse than 2003, but its also more variable. If you can find the commands quickly then its not that bad. If you can’t find what you are looking for, the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work (most do – well done the Excel team for encouraging the ribboneers to respect that at least), or you work in one of the ‘here be monsters’ areas (charting, drawing etc) then something that is quick and easy in 2003 can be stunningly painful in 2007. So painful many drop into VBA and type the command into the immediate window. Or switch to 2003 and record a macro (the monsters areas don’t have proper macro recording).

Thats it for whinging about the ribbon from me for now, now I want to move on and look at some of the good stuff in 2007, suggestions for migration approaches, and recommended mitigations.



6 Responses to “One more for the road”

  1. Bob Phillips Says:

    I love this comment on Charley’s site

    … “I think overall the Ribbon is better than menus and toolbars, particularly if you put all the commands you use more often on your quick command menu and hide the Ribbon.” …

    In other words, the ribbon is so great, I hide it. LOL!

    But I still don’t get it. If the ribbon is so bad, if users hate it so much, why are other products froom independent vendors adopting the ribbon?

  2. Simon Says:

    Was it irony?, or accident?

    as to why?
    Well theres the Microsoft Effect – they can do things no one else can (Normal Rules don’t apply ™)

    And then theres those pods of wales they get stranded occasionally. Even strong leaders mess up sometimes.

    Those Indies are betting the ribbon will become the new UI standard, and of course software devs are notoriously crap at UI, so why not just copy MS, they can’t get it THAT wrong, can they?
    (Especially with all that ‘evidence’ and all those UI astronauts)

  3. Jon Peltier Says:

    Pods of whales? Or lemmings?

  4. Jon Peltier Says:

    “If . . . you work in one of the ‘here be monsters’ areas . . . ”


  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    You’re watching too much Torchwood Simon, they’ll take your children.

  6. Simon Says:

    Never seen it Bob – I thought old maps used to say ‘here be monsters’ anywhere south west of Bath?
    (Tee hee – living as I do in the Disputed Lands)

    Jon I was thinking of you when I wrote that.

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