Ubuntu Hibernation

I have never had much success with hibernation in Linux. I just assumed it was one of those things that didn’t always work. (As Windows XP in fact)

Anyway I just noticed that my main Linux box only has 200Mb of hard drive space on the Linux partition – that might be a factor hey?

I only noticed because it stopped doing anything as it completely ran out of space.

Running out of space on laptop hard drives is the bane of my life – makes me think that a triple boot macbook with no option to swap the hard drive may be a bad move.

In fact I may just stick a 500GB drive in my Sony and forget about a new machine (I want one that comes with Linux – but they are a bit thin on ground since netbooks appeared and Dell quietly stopped selling proper lappers with Ubuntu.)

Anyone got a recommendation for a Linux compatible notebooks (13″ screen, fast, big hardrive, trackpaad not joystick)?



4 Responses to “Ubuntu Hibernation”

  1. Ross Says:

    >>Anyone got a recommendation for a Linux compatible notebooks (13″ screen, fast, big hardrive, trackpaad not joystick)?


    I’m running dual boot on a Tosh, which I swapped the 160gb HDD to a cheapo 400gb and all worked fine, inc hibernation. I do know what you mean though my work lappy is pants with hibernation, it’s a Fujitsu, I think it’s the hardwear – the power buttons, some seem better than others?

  2. Simon Says:

    My Sony screen never worked right with previous Linuxs (I think I tried a few) – it was just a tiny letterbox in the middle. I guess I should try again its maybe fixed in recent releases.

  3. geoffness Says:

    The 200MB left on the hard drive may well cause issues with hibernation, and with a bunch of other stuff — I’d recommend backing up onto an external drive and doing a spring clean. How much swap space do you have allocated? A good rule of thumb is twice the amount of RAM.

    Having said that I have seen issues with suspend/hibernate blamed on all sorts of issues, the most common being faulty BIOS/crappy hardware support and conflict with ATI/NVIDIA drivers. There are a bunch of hacks for getting them to work in the Ubuntu forums – just make sure you back up the files you need to edit before you do anything.

  4. Doug Glancy Says:

    Simon, I’m very fond of my 2-year-old ThinkPad T61 14.1 inch widescreen. It has a small touchpad which is very high-resolution, as it were, and the little red trackpoint. It’s a very solid laptop with a great keyboard. However, it looks like the only 13.3 inch model they have comes with a very expensive 128 gig solid-state hard disk. So instead of something very nice in the $1,300 range, it looks more like $2,000. Doesn’t apply to you but I see that they still offer Win XP, for an additional $150.

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