Driving change

Ages ago I likened some Office 2007 decisions to the idea that we in the uk changed the side of the road we drive on.

After sometime driving in France recently I have rediscovered the excitement of switching from one side to the other and back.

Anyway, Samoa has decided to change the side of the road they drive on, bit different in scale from the UK, but fair play. Personally I would have gone for (stayed with in their case) left hand drive cars, and drive on the right. Or as the lunatic party manifesto promised – cars on the left lorries on the right.



3 Responses to “Driving change”

  1. Dick Moffat Says:

    Was that the “Silly” Party or the “Very Silly” Party ???

    I LOVE driving on the other side of the road – it’s FUN and exotic and getting to the point where I feel comfortable doing it (after about 3 weeks of doing it) it’s a satisfying accomplishment. Please don’t change -that’s one of the reasons I like visiting the UK (and Australia and the Bahamas ….etc.)

    That was a GREAT article on 2007 in 2007 Simon. Sad that everything you say has proved true and is still the norm in people’s perception of the Ribbon – and yet not a single move by MS to repair the damage. Really bizarre.


  2. Harlan Grove Says:

    One thing I heard on the radio yesterday about Samoa (and should have thought about myself before that) is that their buses now let passengers out into traffic lanes. That’s putting your passengers’ (users’) interests first!

  3. Simon Says:

    Apparently the bus owners were going to burn their buses rather than face the cost of cutting new doors in the other side.
    It doesn’t look like the UK (or Ireland) is going to swap anytime soon.

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