Pivotal tables

I’ve just seen a job ad requiring experience in pivotal tables!


I totally think pivot tables are an excellent feature, and they probably have been pivotal in the way I design systems. Shame the job was offering peanuts.

Have you seen any humorous Excel mistakes recently?

(Extra points for pimp ignorance ones (‘recruitment consultant’/agent))



4 Responses to “Pivotal tables”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    While not Excel related, I did get an agency call once for a ‘Hyperion’ role.
    Was that Hyperion Essbase or Hyperion Enterprise I enquired.
    “What’s the difference” came the response.

  2. Jon Peltier Says:

    Pivot Tables are the bomb.

  3. Monkey Says:

    Please forgive my ignorance on this matter, but are pivotal tables really useless or something? I was thinking of learning how to build these but if they’re just plain stupid I might as well drop that.

  4. Monkey Says:

    Oh now i got it. Pivot(al) tables… I’m not excactly a native speaker (neither english nor excel)

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