Some Marketshare stats

I just found a link to here on el Reg.

Some really interesting info, gathered from about 10,000 volunteer machines. Of course there are plenty of arguments that the sample is not representative. What with them having to volunteer on-line, install some (never in a million years gonna get corporate approval) software, no non Windows OSes, etc.

So I’m thinking the best way to treat the data is to believe anything that backs up my personal views and assume a flawed sample for anything that might suggest I’m wrong. (don’t tell me you don’t do that?? ;-)). That and wonder why some of the charts add up to way more than 100%.

In reality I think the sample will be heavily biased to fairly (but not highly) tech savvy individuals.

The big surprise for me is how high the Office 2007 figures are, balanced in a way by how high the OOo proportion is. And Vista seems to have done better than I would expect. Both of these could be explained by the (assumed) sample bias to individuals.

What do you think? Any surprises in there for you?



9 Responses to “Some Marketshare stats”

  1. sam Says:

    For me the surprise is Office App actually used – Word higher than Excel+Access !!

    I thought Word was for writing poetry and not really a business application, unless you are a poet

  2. Bob Phillips Says:


    That is what Harlan has always maintained, and probably explains why the Office boys, as against the Excel boys, implement things that are rubbish for Excel but may seem a great idea for Word. We know Word is in significant compared to Excel, it is just that the rest of the world are not on message.

    BTW, a real poet uses pencils and a good quality paper notepad.

  3. Harlan Grove Says:

    Cynic that I am, I was surprised Excel had more usage than PPT.

    Also note that not all of the percentages add up to 100%. The Browser Share chart shows IE (no distinction between IE versions) with over 80% and Firefox with over 40%.

    OTOH, Office Suite Share with OOo, MSO 2000 and XP, 2003 and 2007 add up to less than 70%. That’s a lot of systems running Works!

  4. Mathias Says:

    Interesting. The Vista/XP share matches what I see for my website visitors, so I wasn’t too surprised there. On the other hand, the level of usage for Open Office was quite a surprise.

  5. Ed Ferrero Says:

    Love the Browser share chart; IE has 80% share, Firefox has 50% share. Has to make everybody happy.

  6. Doug Glancy Says:

    Harlan, I assume the browser share totaling more than 100% is due to measuring % of systems that have it. Or maybe even whether you ever use either, e.g., in my case I use Firefox unless I have to use IE. Plus you can’t actually remove IE. All of which might mean that the % using FF as their primary browswer is even higher in this group.

  7. Harlan Grove Says:

    Doug – I had figured out that there were multiple browsers on some/many of the surveyed systems. I was contrasting that with ‘productivity’ suites. Apparently the most recent 4 versions of MSO and presumably all versions of OOo together are on fewer than 70% of surveyed systems. Figuring at least 5% overlap for different MSO versions and MSO/OOo on the same systems, it looks like 40% of so of the surveyed systems have neither MSO nor OOo. That’s either (1) a lot of systems with Works (possible given that Home Basic and Premium made up most of the systems running Vista), (2) a lot of systems running something else (old copies of Lotus SmartSuite, WordPerfect Office, newer stuff like Lotus Symphony, or exotica like Gnome Office or Gobe Productive), or (3) a lot of systems with no ‘productivity’ software other than WordPad.

  8. Nick Hebb Says:

    Just for reference, here are my survey results:

    I haven’t published the latest data set, but I’m still seeing Excel 2003 in the lead.

    I thought it was interesting that Outlook wasn’t at least equal to Word. I’m guessing it means the survey population is slightly skewed toward non-business users and techies. Anyone else notice the Office suites add up to only about 70%?

  9. Simon Says:

    Thanks Nick, interesting figures.

    2000 went out of support in June so corps who care about support are probably moving to 2007, or 2003 if they have any sense.

    Yeah I noticed the lack of outlook,as you say as sign of non business use, as is 30% not having any productivity tool use.

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