Will you be having a Win 7 launch party?

Win 7 launch excitement.

I was hoping to, but then I saw the state of my sock drawer.

Are any of you holding one or going to one?



[edit – /. has something to say, and some links]

18 Responses to “Will you be having a Win 7 launch party?”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    Sarcasm is seldom justified, and even less frequently actually funny. This is one of the exceptions that proves the rule. I feel sick.

  2. Simon Says:

    Shitasmia is the correct (new) medical term for what this video induces (see :http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/sep/28/charlie-brooker-microsoft-mac-windows ).
    I know as viral marketing goes something this dreadful gets lots of attention – but to quote a /. comment – so does at shoot up at the local mall – neither would be something most people would want associated with their brand.
    They are not really making it hard for Apple are they?

  3. Ross Says:

    I’m having one, I’m inviting my Nan, my Granddad, and ever child under the age of 4. “Piece of Cake” vbg.

  4. Bob Phillips Says:

    Good idea Ross, not much for a free copy is it, and you don’t have to publicly associate yourself.

  5. Bob Phillips Says:

    BTW, I saw one guy (an MVP) publicising he was holding one on Oct 17th. As the official dates are 22-29 Oct, I don’t think MS will be best pleased.

  6. Simon Says:

    I guess I could have one and just invite the pet rabbits.
    oh hang on – I don’t want win 7…

  7. Adam Vero Says:

    This is one of those things which you have to watch for a minute or two to see if it is a spoof or actually for real.
    Who on earth would be motivated or fired up by that video to even consider hosting a party with “windows 7 as an honoured guest” or “crowding round the computer in the kitchen” in a “totally informal” way for “like ten minutes” to show your (soon-to-be-ex-)friends the new features of Windows 7?

    Very scary.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m using Windows 7 and so far really happy ( see http://wp.me/p2I5L-3N for some of my experiences), but this kind of cheesy marketing with a stiltedly diverse group of people just hanging out and chatting about how super it all is just makes me cringe.

    Must dash, I’ve got to go and organise a “watching paint drying in my second bedroom” party. It’ll be loads of fun, honest…

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    @Simon, http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/10things/?p=738

  9. Simon Says:

    Adam if we all come round do we get some free magnolia?

  10. Simon Says:

    Thanks Bob
    I still don’t want win 7. If thats the 10 best things its pitiful, like the party plan.

  11. Bob Phillips Says:

    That is exactly what I thought. I originally went to a page that showed that bearded guy telling me about 5 reasosn to use Windows 7, of which 1 was an ISO burner, another backup … pleeeze! My ISO burner is on a USB drive, which is probably where I think such a thing belongs.

  12. Adam Vero Says:

    Vista does ISO burning from the command line already, so that’s yet another Windows 7 special feature that really isn’t so special (like so many of those shown in these videos).

    I finally figured out what viral marketing is – something which goes round everyone in the office, but no-one would actually wich on their best friends.

    Talking of friends, you have to get at least 9 people to go to one of these launch parties. So the paradox is:
    – if you are sad enough to host one, are you the kind of person who has 9 friends?
    – if 9 of your friends are sad enough to come along and put up with your poorly delivered stumbling sales pitch, aren’t they probably sad enough to already have bought into the idea of Windows 7, or be hosting a party of their own.

    Seriously, lots of my friends know I’m a bit (maybe a lot) geeky at times. I actually get excited by some of the stuff computers can do, and this odd behaviour is tolerated. But not like this.
    I think soccer-mom has been smoking something, grandma has taken a few too many painkillers and glasses geek should know better than to encourage blatant music piracy and then post videos about it on YouTube.

    Well, it got us talking, but I’m not sure it really helped the cause.

  13. Dick Kusleika Says:

    Here’s the recipe for a successful party: You must have at least one each of – black person, woman, old person, and token white male. It’s preferable that each person where a solid color shirt so that when they stand together, onlookers will be reminded of the Office or Windows logos. If the white male appears to be fading into the woodwork, have him where a printed shirt.

  14. Simon Says:

    Hadn’t spotted the shirts connection Dick – nice one.
    Ms truly are masters of subliminal marketing

  15. Jim Cone Says:

    How many free copies of Windows 7 did it cost MS to put on this launch party?…


    “Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp. said Ford Motor Co., Continental Airlines Inc., Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. and Intel Corp. will help introduce its Windows 7 operating system, saying they will upgrade to the new program.

    Executives of the four companies will appear today with Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer at an event in San Francisco to talk about their use of the software, according to an e-mail from Microsoft.”

  16. Harlan Grove Says:

    Were these how-to-party videos (it speaks volumes about Microsoft and their culture that they’d have paid to produce videos on such a topic) produced by the same people who brought the world the IE8 Puke video?

    That’d be a party theme: what Microsoft product gives rise to such response in the greatest number of people, with prizes for duration, distance and volume.

    Methinks there’s a marketing VP in desperate need of a career transition.

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