Ubuntu gets prime time Beeb coverage

I’m delighted to see Ubuntu has got some decent coverage on the Beeb for the latest release 9.10 Karmic Koala.

One of my worse predictions for 2009 was the more widespread adoption of Ubuntu and other mainstream disties by netbook vendors. Seems I was well wrong and somehow they now mainly only come with Windows. Like all those full blown laptops Dell so briefly offered with a non Microsoft OS. I wanted to buy one recently and could not find a UK notebook without Windows on the Dell site.

Hopefully the BBC will follow up their brief business coverage with a bit more of an in depth technical review once 9.10 is released on Thurs. Perhaps a bit more open minded than the sidebar from their tech correspondent.

I’ll probably upgrade next week, ideally though I’d like a hardware upgrade too. Fat chance of getting that past the budget committee.

Linux does seem to be picking up on the codematic web stats which I always find odd as the site is pretty much dedicated to Excel on Windows.

When will you try 9.10?



One Response to “Ubuntu gets prime time Beeb coverage”

  1. geoffness Says:

    Probably over the weekend. I went to shipit to request a free CD and got told to bugger off as I’d had too many sent out already. Fair enough I suppose, although in my defense I do try to share it around once I’ve used it…so I might have to go with the network upgrade, of course after I backup and cross me fingers…

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