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UK Excel User Conf lndn Oct 2009 report

Friday, 9th October, 2009

So we just finished the conference in London yesterday.

This was a repeat of the April event that was heavily over-subscribed. In fact virtually all the approx 90 delegates at this event had initially tried to get in the April event, which sold out faster than Glasto. (I say ‘sell’, they were both free.)

Another great event lots of useful stuff, lots of great feedback. If you came I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful, thanks for coming, if you missed out this time, then maybe next time?

Thanks to Microsoft too for feeding and accommodating us.

Thanks to the Indian resto last night – my curry was so hot I’ve had a sore throat all day.

No thanks to the crappy pub we landed in due to their misleading signage. Whichever beer you ordered they just pulled it all from the same pump! (glad I drink bottles – but the ‘real ale’ (arf arf arf – as if there is such a thing down south) contingent were most put out.

A couple of interesting points:

At the end we asked some questions about the sort of thing that people would like in future presentations. Well over half the audience would like sessions on Visual Studio and Excel integration and on Excel Services. Everyone wanted more advanced VBA and BI/OLAP type content, no surprise there. But I was pleased to see the interest increasing (finally) in some of the newer technology.



MVP Value

Sunday, 4th October, 2009

El Reg has a somewhat shocking story about an MVP that works for Google that was told not to renew his award.

The comments are somewhat amusing, less so since they updated the article to remove/correct the bit about MVPs being MS evangelists.

I’m not an MVP, never have been, probably never will (but I will be presenting alongside a bunch of them next week). I think the work they (and some non MVPs) do on the newsgroups and in the community/ecosystem in general is really valuable, to users and to Microsoft. It seems reasonable then that MS acknowledge and reward their contribution.

I understand the concerns about a conflict of interest, access to NDA stuff – I have that as part of the MSO Advisory Council. And I understand that Google and MS compete in many areas. But I still don’t see why the guy has been advised not to seek renewal. His MVP was probably part of the reason he got recruited to ‘the chocolate factory’ in the first place. Maybe they are trying to make him less attractive to other employers so they can shaft him on rate?

I’m not an employee, not since 1996, and I doubt I ever will be, but if my employer recommended I give up an award I had earnt with hard work in my own time, I can only think I would tell them to fark right off. Maybe thats why I’m self employed?

What about you?



Office 2007 copy paste question

Friday, 2nd October, 2009

I’ve had a question about copying and pasting between apps in 2007. Can anyone help?
“In prior versions, I had no issue. I simply cut from Excel and pasted in Word as a picture.

With the 2007 update to Office, when I copy a chart or range of cells from Excel to Word, the pasted picture now contains certain formatting from Excel that it didn’t used to?

In prior versions, I didn’t get the gridlines or comment boxes. Also in prior versions, if Excel had certain cells with colored text, this coloring could be eliminated from the Word picture simply by selecting black/white in Excel’s page setup under print preview.

Have you figured out a way to quickly work around this 2007 issue?”

I don’t currently have a working Office 2007 installation, but I remember copy/paste being one of those areas that got ‘enhanced’.

Doing paste>>copy as picture (I love that logic) did not fix it.

any suggestions welcome



Excel 2007 SP2 stripping formats

Friday, 2nd October, 2009

Anyone having even worse format loss issues in 2007 since SP2?

It seems at one client, files I fixed a while ago (and left the fix – deleting non builtin styles), are now dropping bits a pieces of formatting at random. And redefining the normal style number format to date, resetting to number doesn’t fix things, and/or breaks other stuff.

Anyone else seeing this