New hobby

Well technically I guess its an old hobby rekindled:

bowlWe’ve been to this particular skate park a couple of times, but it was only the other day we found this magnificent bowl hidden in some back room.

And even better, it seems the youngsters aren’t that impressed with it, so they stay in the main area flipping and grinding, leaving us oldsters to the joy of carving up the pool – mint!

I need to make some serious progress before I can make the best use of it, but I sure had a blast last week. I’ll try and get some photos of me in it – but my apprentice photographer (pictured before he took a strop and went back next door ‘cos its rubbish’) is more interested in the half pipe and spine (next door).

Anyone else into skating?

Anyone come up with a skateboard/spreadsheet connection? I was thinking of using one to do some geometry calcs to work out the wood requirements, But I think a proper CAD app might be needed. SketchUp?

I guess I could write my shopping list in a spreadsheet!



4 Responses to “New hobby”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:


    You ARE an old school skateboarder.

  2. Dennis Wallentin Says:

    Simon – I’m looking forward to take part of some pictures where You are in action. Looking at X-Games I realize that back in the 70’s we couldn’t imagine the develop within the sport.

    How about a veteran X-Games for people > 40?

    Take care while skating around,

  3. Ross Says:

    How about in order to afford a swimming pool, and then not fill it with water and skate in in you have to have done a lot of work with Spread Sheets!

    How do you get out of that thing?

  4. Simon Says:

    Just the opposite I think – If I had invested my time in a more highly valued tech than spreadsheets (eg any server based product) I could afford my own pool and skate park!

    To get out, if you are good you just skate out and land elegantly catching your board in one hand. Me, I flounder over to the side in the shallow end then throw my board out and scrabble up the side.

    Dennis – don’t hold your breath waiting for me on X games!

    Harlan, I havent been out on my original skateboard, but I put some new truck rubbers on it the other day – so maybe one day I’ll get the full old school effect.

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