Ubuntu 9.10 on my AA1

I upgraded my netbook to 9.10 Karmic Koala the other night – nae bother.

I’m mainly using that machine as a back up at the moment but I upgraded it anyway to see if there were any issues – there weren’t. (Unlike for some it seems)

Well there was an alsa sound question which raised my blood pressure a little. Sound is a sore point in Ubuntu I would say. Anyway it all worked fine even though I chose to let it hose my custom sound settings. The only thing was skype had decided it wanted to use blue tooth for sound output! I don’t even think my AA1 has bluetooth. But I just selected the right Intel HDA thingy and everything worked like a charm – thank goodness I am sick of faffing with sound on the AA1/Ubuntu combo.

Took a good couple of hours to run through so I might have been better not triggering it after midnight – but hey ho.

I have finally got ff3.5 which doesn’t support my fave black theme. It now has OOo 3.1 where I think I was on 3.0 before, dunno if there is much difference? ( I tend to use Gnumeric). I will have to spend some time with it to see where the pros and cons are. I’ll report back when I have.

Boot up is allegedly faster, but not that I have noticed – but it turns off fast.

What is your favourite 9.10 feature?

Did you have any upgrade/install problems?




7 Responses to “Ubuntu 9.10 on my AA1”

  1. Doug Glancy Says:

    I upgraded one laptop from 9.04. Now no networking of any kind. On some past upgrades it’s been a trick to get the wireless to work, but without even a wired connection I suspect it’s really going to be a pain. I barely understand the basics of Linux, so when there’s a problem I just google until I find something I can comprehend (or cut and paste). I’m seeing other people with this problem, but the only answer I’ve comprehended so far is to grab something off the liveCD, so I guess I might have to burn one.

  2. ross Says:

    Just upgraded having read this post!

    I used the build in upgrade manager to upgrade, Doug, how did you manage to upgrade with no network?!?! and you went fro 9.04 to 9.10 right?

    Anyway no problems, sound is fine etc. It’s even sorted out my 3d chess game, which stopped working after i downloaded form package or other a while ago. Even compiz is working fine as is emerald, just need to re-tweek sim dock, even the ATI drivers are fine!I love you Ubuntu!

  3. Doug Glancy Says:

    Ross, that’s how I upgrade as well. I had networking when I started the upgrade manager in 9.04, but not after.

  4. Simon Says:

    Doug thats a bit crap isn’t it?
    I lost wireless on a previous upgrade, then found a fix a few weeks later – but thats not so easy if you don’t have wired either.
    As I recall I eventually got to where I could disable the wireless driver (system – admin – drivers) (athos I think) and then the wired worked. And vice versa too, but I think it needed a reboot inbetween.

    Ross delighted to hear you got your chess game back, priorities eh?

  5. Doug Glancy Says:

    Simon, thanks, I’ll try that.

  6. Ross Says:

    I got the Android SDK and ADT installed into eclipse on it too last night, easy as pie! I love Unbutu! ;-)

  7. Doug Glancy Says:

    I’ve arrived at a partial solution. Chiefly, I installed wicd to manage network connections instead of network manager. Before doing that I discovered that if I started the laptop with the network cable attached it would find the wired network. After installing wicd it still won’t connect to the hidden wireless ssid until I click the “find hidden networks” button twice.

    So now it’s almost as good as it was in 9.04 and only took 3 hours. Maybe this comment will help some other lost googling soul.

    Sadly, sound still doesn’t work in Firefox/Youtube, which was the main reason for upgrading, but I think I may have searched out an answer for that.

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