Sods Law

Just when I feel the need for some Jobserve relief, their bag of hammers site has dropped a clanger again.

Imagine how many roles they could fill if their site ws up working properly most of the time? Or are they discrimininating against Linux/Firefox weilding hippies?


You see that bit next to the big blue list box where it says ‘(required’) that used to be where you put the criteria of the job you are searching for. Not now though. Now you just look at the jobs they offer you, with no clue what criteria are being used.

Anyone else seeing this? or is it just a cumbria issue?

( I just deleted my cookies and at the same time the site seems to be creaking back to life – dunno if the two are connected)

Does anyone else regularly find jobserve a bit flaky?




7 Responses to “Sods Law”

  1. Rob Bruce Says:

    Cardiff? Are you trying to muscle in on my ‘hood? ;-)

  2. Simon Says:

    Oh oh, no Rob, not at all – wouldn’t want a turf war!
    Thats the last thing we need IT consultant drive bys!

    I never put a geo criteria in as 99.9% of Excel/VBA jobs are in the city, I only put geo when I am fantasising about being a php dev (loads of work from home and near home), or Flash (same).

  3. Marcus from London Says:

    They Industries used to be listed down the left hand side of the search results. So they were always there. Now the option is just more ‘in your face’. Now the Industries option is still down the left *and* up the top. So it’s more in your ‘farce’ rather than in your ‘face’.

    I’m sure there’s a rational reason for the imposition. But I can’t imagine what it is :D

    Cheers – Marcus

  4. Marcus from London Says:

    @turf war:
    Hmm, next you’ll be wanting to come down the London ! You just stay putn and keep ‘fantasising’ :p

  5. Rob Bruce Says:

    You wouldn’t like it down that fancy London, Simon. They make you wear shoes to the office and everything.

  6. Simon Says:

    Slippers will be alright though won’t they Rob? And tracky bottoms?

  7. Marcus from London Says:

    You’re a class act Simon :P

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