Excel consulting by the hour

Those Excel whizzes over at Codematic are offering a magnificent new service.

Excel support and advice by the hour on a pay as you go basis. It can be on the phone, on email, on a remote server, or on a boat in the Bahamas.

Its dead easy, get in touch to arrange a time and type of support, go and pay via the on-line shop and get your phone /email support at a time to suit.

The idea is for those people who are in a hurry, or have something confidential, or can’t find what they need in the newsgroups or Google to have another option.

Pretty much anything to do with Excel/Access/VBA/COM/XLLS/.net workbooks, add-ins, other systems etc is fair game. And any area: development, testing, deployment, support and maintenace etc. If your query is outside my area of knowledge I’ll say so and we can discuss other options. I’m not going to be bullshitting through something I have no clue about.

If you want to use it for training/coaching, that will work too, we can sort out a syllabus where to find resources and then moniter progress etc.

We can do out of hours service too, so you are not tied to the UK working week, which should be useful for those in other time zones with an emergency.



3 Responses to “Excel consulting by the hour”

  1. Dick Moffat Says:


    That’s a great idea that makes a lot of sense for everybody. The big question now is how do the people who need your services find you and even moreso when is the business world going to catch on the logic and the value of ths kind of offering and then seek it out (??) …

    Good luck with this.


  2. Simon Says:

    I am hoping people will use their search engine (or decision support systems) of choice to search for “Excel consulting by the hour” and find this post, click on the link to codematic, then get in touch to arrange a time.
    The theory is simple…

  3. Dick Moffat Says:

    <> I like that – very funny ;-) ….. think people are that “simple” ?? Or logical ??? Hope you’re right.

    I would have thought people would have thought of that LONG ago but don’t know if they do and if many peopl even think that way – makes perfect sense to me though …


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