The world according to smurf

I’ve had a few chats with Ross over at MIE this last week.

One result of that is this podcast on spreadsheet development.

As far as I can remember we talk about

  • Brief chat about some of Codematics products and services
  • Some of the technical issues around various add-in technologies
  • Plenty of chat about .net and xlls and VSTA/VSTO
  • We also talk about security/ intellectual property
  • There is a bit of chat about the business of independent software development
  • And of course a bit of a natter about Linux and Open Office
  • And some other stuff I can’t remember.

The main thing I do remember is I did a reverse google. When talking about the Classic UI codematic offer I said it was all written in XLM. Slight dyslexic slip of the tongue because I have been doing a bit to much macro mischief recently. What I should have said is there is a version that has no macros or VBA and is pure custom XML. Handy for those ‘under the radar’ uses as there is no install and no trace.

It runs for about half an hour, feel free to leave your comments over at MIE or here.





One Response to “The world according to smurf”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    Nice banter to listen to. Came across like an ‘Alas Smith and Jones’ skit

    Favourite Quote:
    “the performance just totally shocked me… worse than VBA, which I didn’t think was possible”
    (in reference to C# automatin functions)

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